ACDelco D6254E GM Original Equipment Turn Signal and Headlamp Dimmer Switch

  • Optimize your GM vehicle's performance with...
  • Reliability - thoroughly tested for trouble-free...
  • ACDelco is an Original Equipment (OE)...
  • ACDelco's line of Original Equipment Ignition...
  • 12-month/12,000-Mile Limited Warranty
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Price: $25.12
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Home Maintenance: Electrical Repair : How to Replace a Dimmer Switch

Replacing a dimmer switch requires removing the existing cover plate, using a volt tester to ensure there is no power and hooking up the color-coordinated wi...

Multi-Color E27 LED Light Bulb with Remote

by EagleLight
(465 customer reviews)
List price: $49.99
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  • Comparable to a 20W lamp
  • Synchronous version multiple lamps will sync if within proximity
  • Multi-color controlled by remote up to 5 meters away!

Customer reviews (see all 465 reviews)

Wonderful light, with a couple modifications, October 2, 2011
Customer Video Review Length:: 6:15 MinsI love this light, and just wanted to give a few tips on how to get the best use out of it.Tips:1. You have to diffuse the light with something translucent like wax paper or tape in order for the colors to...

This Product is Listed WRONG! 3 Watts, not 5, December 13, 2011
The actual 5 watt light, part number REMOTE-E27-5W, is about as bright as a 40 watt bulb, and at the time of this review is available on Amazon, from similar sellers, for about $20, like...

Excellent product, July 27, 2009
Perfect for mood lighting.The first thing that got my attention was the build quality. I expected the bulb to be of cheap, fragile plastic construction, but it's actually very solid and of good weight. The size is about as long as a...

Dimmer/lane change switch problems! - Ford Truck Enthusiasts ...

I recommend mentioning this to your dealer the next time you're in for a maintenance appointment. they'll perform an inspection and determine if a repair is necessary.


Questions & answers

Rebecca Rebecca says:
How to replace a dimmer switch with a standard switch?
I am trying to change my dimmer switch to a standard switch. The dimmer switch only has 2 black wires in it. There are red and yellow wire nuts inside. I do not know how to do this. PLEASE HELP! Thanks How do I know which wire goes where or does...
Bezo R says:
Chances are the dimmer switch has the two black wires coming out it which are connected to the main wiring by way of the wire nuts. The easy answer is to first turn off the electricty for this...
Wanda Wanda says:
How to change the headlight dimmer switch in a 1998 dodge RAM 3500 pickup?
I am trying to change the headlight dimmer switch in my 1998 dodge ram 3500 pickup. Im really looking for a site with a video or maybe pictures. My headlights are not dimming the headlights. If I hold up on the switch they come on but as soon as...
dodge man says:
i looked and couldn't find any videos of any one doing it but if you,ll get a haynes repair manual it will guide you through it,its a real simple job to do,no salvage yards that i know of install...

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They take too long to warm up and get to full brightness, and don't do well with a dimmer switch. General Electric has been working on an upgrade to correct the deficiencies, and reading the label on a CFL package is advisable. These bulbs use 15 watts


Dimmer switches can become worn after awhile and may eventually stop working altogether, so it's a good idea to know how to change them. There are four main styles of ... Older cars were known to have their dimmer switch on the floorboard. When you needed to brighten or dim your headlights, you would step on the switch to ... Learn more about how to change a light switch to a dimmer with information from a professional electrician in this ... Step though guide on how to change a dimmer switch. Bert Electrics

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